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OMIT - Tracer

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Helen Scarsdale HMS005
Release Year: 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Neuer Release von OMIT aka Clinton Williams aus Neuseeland mit seinen stark 70er Jahre Electronics gefrbtem Ambient, der mit einem Bein im Industrial steht: dronige & loopige & pulsierende dunkle Soundscapes die an alte homebrewed Tapes aus den 80er von TESENDALO oder ABNER MALATY erinnern, aber auch an CLUSTER, KLAUS SCHULZE, CONRAD SCHNITZLER, CABARET VOLTAIRE.... simpel aber wirkungsvoll !

...Having released the bulk of his work in tiny self-published editions of lathe-cut singles and hand-dubbed cassettes, Omit has enjoyed several high-profile releases thanks to the diligence of Corpus Hermeticum and Anomalous Records, who both rescued some of Omit's finest work from terminal obscurity. The Helen Scarsdale Agency is proud to announce the arrival of his latest recording Tracer a double disc set.
As with all of his previous work, Tracer is an antiquated behemoth, constructed from analogue synthesizers, primitive drum machines, homespun electronics, and numerous effects pedals. Simple wooden rhythms trot, trudge, and even glide along taut metric grids hotwired with bursts of mechanical splutter and the occasional creak from Pierre Henry's wooden door. An occasionally menacing, but more often melancholic orchestration of synthetic tones ripple, flex, and dissolve across the uniform structuralism, creating an ecstatic paranoia rarely heard with such splendor, rigor, and sublime blackness. If sonic references are required, then the Klaus Schulze masterpiece Cyborg remains the closest analogy to what may be found in Tracer. The Helen Scarsdale Agency offers Omit's latest opus in an edition of 750 copies, hand printed through letterpress and silkscreen. [press release]
It could be said that Mr. Williams is a man in the wrong time, in the wrong part of the world; and all things considered, Mr. Williams would probably like it that way. Perhaps the best way to make the world's most isolating music is to be thoroughly isolated oneself.
Following his previous work on Anomalous and Corpus Hermeticum, Tracer demonstrates a finely crafted execution in these bleak, isolationist recordings. The slow moving synth sweeps, creeping electric atmospheres, unnerving loops of mechanized clamour, and low-slung rhythmic austerity have all of the trappings of industrial culture strategies in using technology to critique technology's alienation over mankind; yet, Omit has never really stated what this is about, instead leaving hints that Omit is merely a reflection of Clinton Williams' soul expressed through blighted electronic hypnosis. Emotive expressionism isn't something you think of when it comes to Cabaret Voltaire or Throbbing Gristle, but that's the ground where Williams has consistently tred. You would be hard pressed to find an electronic album as majestic, melancholy, and profoundly human as Tracer. [Aquarius Records]