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MOORE, AARON - The Accidental

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Elsie and Jack #017
Release Year: 2006
Note: debut CD of VOLCANO THE BEAR MEMBER, two tracks feature ANDREW LILES
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Erste Solo-CD des VOLCANO THE BEAR – Mitglieds, 7 Stücke mit betörenden Drone-Texturen, Piano-Minimalismen, Keyboard-Drones, Vibraphon & Becken-Tupfer, alles sehr “privat”, intim und ruhig... perfekte Mitternachts-Musik.

".. as a founding member of the english experimental group volcano the bear, aaron moore has been a part of creating some of the most stimulating and diverse music of the last 10 years with releases on nurse with wound’s united dairies label, and the american label, beta-lactam ring records, to name but two.

‘the accidental’ is moore’s first solo release and is in stark contrast to his drumming and vocal work with volcano the bear.

using such instrumentation as bowed and beaten vibraphone, cymbal, chord organ, thumb piano and keyboard, mainly concentrating with one instrument per track, moore has created an album of mesmerizing beauty.

shifting, woozy soundscapes, blurred drones, soft conjuring, and deep meditations - perfect for late night headphone trips.

on ‘three guineas’, a keyboard is used to create a new lullaby in which we are reminded of years past.

the majority of these recordings, made at his home in leicester on a digital 8 track and one microphone in 2003 were intended for an aborted collaboration with oren ambarchi. they then sat on his machine for a year or so until, with the nagging of friends, he set about doing something with them.

some of the tracks, he felt, needed the hand of another so he sent some tracks to friends andrew liles, luke fowler and alex neilson to collaborate on. they in turn sent the finished tracks back to moore where he set about editing them for inclusion on ‘the accidental’.

the title, ‘the accidental’ comes from the fact that were it not for the original aborted collaboration attempt with ambarchi, moore would not have recorded this music.

moore is continuing his work with volcano the bear and his new duo, dragon or emperor, as well as planning several collaborations in the coming months. if a follow up to ‘the accidental’ is to happen, then maybe it will be on purpose next time?!" [label info]