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MC NINCH, NATHAN - A brief audio history of agriculture

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Oral CD08
Release Year: 2005
Note: digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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ORAL ist das Montrealer Experimental-Label von ERIC MATTSON, der Organisator der MUTEK-Festivals. NATHAN MC. NINCH ist ein neuer Name für uns, der mit “A brief audio history of agriculture” ein Werk präsentiert, welches sich über die Verwendung von field recordings mit dem Thema “Agrikultur” auseinandersetzt, um deren “Geschichte” mit ihren ureigensten Sounds zu erzählen... so vernetzt er hier die Klänge von landwirtschaftlichen Maschinen und der Alltags-Agrarwelt sehr sanft und tagträumerisch, so dass eine adäquate Atmosphäre entsteht, die in die nordamerikanischen Weiten entführt...

“a brief audio history of agriculture "This project began with an unlikely source : a t-shirt, which read if you eat, you have an interest in agriculture . From conversations about the ways in which agriculture and farming practices have shaped our lives in North America derived primal ideas on a language to represent agriculture. Early in the spring of 2004, as the snow was just melting, I made some recordings of myself "playing" a derelict rusty piece of farm machinery abandon in a field. I was quite taken with the sounds I was able to record and with the extent to which I was able to "play" the machinery as an instrument. It was in these recordings that I discovered both the language and the story of this CD : a history of agriculture told using sounds created with the tools of agriculture. Initially the piece intended on developing using some sort of timeline, starting with the most basic elements: seeds, soil, water... and progressing to modern day mechanized tools. A combination of the old and the new; the banging and scraping of antique metal milk containers combined with the soft humming of a contemporary milk tank coolant unit. More subtle aspects of the history of agriculture, migration, drought, a recent move away from "the family farm"... were brought in. And here it is: the brief audio history of agriculture, all on one CD.
-First full-length solo work, not self-released. Unlike most of field recording based pieces, composition is here the master key.
-A new release on ORA, the label directed by Eric Mattson, music curator for MUTEK festival and independent producer for: MUTEK_rec.
-A "must" have for all lovers of experimental, subtle but intriguing releases.
-Carefully mastered by John Sellekaers-METARC (Ant-Zen, Klanggalerie, Noise Museum, Quatermass, Sub Rosa).” [label info]