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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Important Records IMPREC 083
Release Year: 2006
Note: with contributions by JARBOE, JULIA KENT (ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS) and LUSTMORD !!
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"SeieS is Larsen's fifth full length and work on it began when they were recording Play for Important. However, where Play was Larsen's most orchestrated-ambient work so far, SeieS tends to be quite a bit more song oriented. If the palindrome title suggests that this is an album with two opposite souls then the truth lies in the album's dichotomized sounds. Tracks like 'The Snow,' 'Haula' and 'Marzia' are Larsen's most sinister (and recent) compositions, disturbing soundscapes that would fit very well a David Lynch movie. 'Marzia' catches Larsen experimenting with slow industrial-dub rhythm, side to side with the master of gloomy ambient and soundtracks Brian Williams a.k.a Lustmord. The remaining tracks of SeieS were the first recorded for this album and, conversely, sport light and releasing moods within the 'classical' droning sound of the band. These tracks feature female vocals thanks to the the ex-Swans chanteuse Jarboe." [press release]

.I am definitely a Larsen fan after SeieS, and have been really impressed lately with Important Records. [FunProx]