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Format: maxi-CD
Label & Cat.Number: INA GRM INA e 5008
Release Year: 2000
Note: serie economique
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €9.00

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Nr. 8 in der serie economique, beschert uns das 14min. Stck FUTAIE, welches 1996 den ARS ELECTRONICA Preis in Linz erhielt. Es sind kaum mit Worten zu fassende, seltsam fragil & defragmentierte Klnge, die hier das Bild bestimmen...Ausserdem TCHERNOZIOM von 1998. Erste CD von diesem jungen franz. Elektro-Akustiker !

Debut INA GRM CD by this young French composer, featuring 2 works: "Futaie" (1996) & "Tchernoziom" (1998). 33 minutes of music, released as part of INA's cheaper short-length CD series. "'Futaie' unfolds in time like a long, slow sentence in which only the punctuation remains. 'Futaie' is composed of immobile masses and lightning flashes that oppose one another making the piece a fleeting moment that has been hollowed out, widened and extended. A succession of temporal occurrences convey the feeling of dual time, of a 'common presence' of events the duration of which is both individual and joint, similar to the way in which trees form a forest. 'Tchernoziom' is the continuation and amplification of work on the tremor of sound sketched out in the central section of 'Futaie'. It is a study on effusive sound material that is both undeveloped and renewed. The grain of which constantly suggests possible interruption. The result is one of fleeting ideas and precarious stability of the overall structure. 'Tchernoziom means 'black soil' and refers to the lands in the Ukraine that are renowned for being extremely fertile." [press release]