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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Bottrop Boy B-BOY 015
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Sehr varientenreichen Experimentalmusk des Dnen JACOB KIRKEGAARD auf seiner ersten Solo-CD. Ungewhnliche Sounds & Kompositionen, fr die kaum Worte zu finden sind, z.T. scheinen field recordings (z.B. Zugfahrt) die Basis zu bilden, aber es sind auch Gong-Klnge, Piano-Fetzen, Vinyl-Knistern, ein Blasinstrument, etc. etc. alles kunstvoll digitalisiert, zerschnippelt, verfremdet und so arrangiert, dass auf 9 Stcken keine Langeweile auftauchen kann!

"first solo cd from the former aeter member after his collaboration with philip jeck on touch. kirkegaard creates a very personal style where found sound, quiet beats and abstractions come together." (label info)

This is the first solo CD by Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard who recently worked with Philip Jeck and his own group Aeter. While listening to this cd Raymond Scotts abstract soundscapes at times come to mind, but Kirkegaard employs a different sensibility. Here the sounds try to recall forgotten memories, recreating the sensation of events past. Delicate sonic patterns-sounds are reduced to the outline of structure rather than a direct representation. These very well can be aural memories, as the titles are city names and dates. Kirkegaard uses field recordings (perhaps from the cities listed in the titles) as instruments, integrating them into the rest of the sounds. A pensive melody, trying to move forward is overtaken by the crackle of vinyl and digital streams. Song constructions reflect Kirkegaards sensitive touch with fragile lines floating by heading in some unknown direction. The 9 tracks move seamlessly into each other without pause. Sounds thin as gossamer hover through the speaker. Towards the end of the CD does the fragility give way too a more aggressive sound of sine pulses and oscillations rendering an unsettling climax. [Jeff Surak /Zeromoon]