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I:WOUND - Quit India

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Absurd # 61
Release Year: 2006
Note: lim. 77
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.50

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Maxi-CDR with a long tracker full of intelligently mixed field-recordings, found radio sounds, drones, spoken voices from India, etc an electro-acoustic experimental collage that transports very intensely the atmosphere of the recorded places & situations....

'hi nicolas here's one very condensed 19 minute soundscape and tour de force through last year's chaotic events, this piece was conceived live in zln, cz as part of the monolake tour with origami galaktika, 10/05 and re-recorded in the amberlodge 11/05.' or at least this what i was told from sascha when he send me the master to this totally stunning i:wound cdr ep. we've been discussing for long bout a possible i:wound release and wanted it to be something special, something that could possibly remind to both of us cool moments... well for sascha turned to remind some killer tour moments, for absurd turned to be a dream that hadn't materialized for long... have a release out and hand the copies to the pal himself in person... something that happened last april in berlin & will always make absurd remember all the insane process before, during & after the trip. i love it so much that seriously am thinking of high time i did a trip to india... thank you sascha!!!
"for gaya patel in her various manifestations - you could have had it so much better (conditional 2)" [Nicolas Malevitsis]

Since many years, I:Wound releases his colorful sound collages, incorporating many field recordings made on his travels, in this case a sound collage about India. Market place, tabla music, Bollywood movie, spoken word and sounds that aren't to be traced back that easily, this is a lively collage of sound, in which perhaps India isn't recognized that much (but perhaps I should visit India first, before saying that) and at just over nineteen minutes is also perhaps a bit short, but it's surely a fascinating aural journey. [Vital Weekly]