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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: SIRR Records sirr 0022
Release Year: 2005
Note: mechanic / conceptual installation-drones at its best
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Konzeptuelle Geruschmusik / Klangkunst zur Klang-Raum-Interaktion von ANDRE GONCALVES & KENNETH KIRSCHNER. Sechs von der Decke hngende Glasobjekte (inkl. Glhbirne, Mikro & Lautsprecher) werden mit verschiedenen Frequenzen beschallt und in Resonanz gebracht, diese Eigenresonanz wiederum wird per MIDI-Computer umgewandelt und steuert so die Lichtintensitt der Glhbirnen innerhalb der Objekte. Der 50 Minuten One-Tracker auf der CD dokumentiert die Installation, feedbackende Frequenzen summen durch den Raum, in ewig wallender Bewegung und Vernderung....

"this piece was recorded live at phil niblock's experimental intermedia foundation in new york in the spring of 2005 and is part of andre's ongoing series focused on creating micro-environments, computer controlled hermetic spaces. bringing together sound and space through sympathetic vibrations, sound is used as a medium to excite space in order to render audible its natural resonances - sound multiplying in and by space. six objects were suspended from the ceiling at different heights, each one made from a globe of white glass with one microphone, one speaker and one electrical lamp inside. each speaker was connected individually to a computer, that triggered 6 different frequencies - one for each of the speakers. these frequencies were tuned to the objects' resonance frequencies causing them to resonate. there was no amplification for the sound coming from the objects. kenneth kirschner was plugged into the room's sound system." [label info]