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FIRST HUMAN FERRO - Corona Astralis

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: OMS Records OMSCD01
Release Year: 2005
Note: back in stock this excellent album by the Ukrainian project; sharp & powerful electronic harsh ambience in the way of BAD SECTOR or KK.NULL, inspired by the poetry of Russian writer MAXIMILIAN VOLOSHYN
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"The new album by the Ukrainian post-& ambient Industrial group Nr. 1 !
On five pieces we hear their very own version of intelligent harsh ambience, atmospheric like hell but also very sharp & powerful droney.
We were reminded on BAD SECTOR or KK NULL... electronic drones approaching the border of noise....

Inspired by one of the ever greatest examples of poetical mastery "Corona Astralis" by Maximilian Voloshyn (a classical representative of the so-called Silver Age of Russian poetry) this album accurarely deals with eternal ideas/values of a sand-grain man in a Pascalesque desert-like Universe. "Corona Astralis" is a consequential follow-up to the 2000 "Motherwards" CD and in the long run fundamentally represents development of the project, carefully combining early 1998-2001 death ambient / industrial experiments with recent ever generating solid electroacoustics, harsh electronica and dronesque synth multistructures, all to be ultimately finallized as integral one of the world in a grain of sand... [label info]