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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Eternal Ice
Release Year: 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €5.00

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Fnf neue Stcke vom Oldenburger Ambient-Projekt, das mehr und mehr auf Gitarrensounds setzt, die uns an seelige CHAMELEONS oder DURUTTI COLUMN erinnern, was aber dann durchsetzt und abgelst wird von Stcken mit Analog-Synth Klngen und dronigen Effekten...

The previous time I reviewed something by Eternal Ice, it was their release 'Skya' (see Vital Weekly 391), which looked a demo of sorts, but now with 'Idyl', it looks more like a real, albeit private, release. Still on the short side of things, five tracks in twenty minutes, but it still operates in the realms of darker ambient paths. Heavenly chords on analogue synths, occasional guitar strumming and feeding them through an endless line of sound effects, create a dense patterns of ambient sounds, but it's a good flow of events. Nicely chilling out, relax music for a sombre mind. [FdW / Vital Weekly]
Address: http://www.eternalice.de