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ERINYS - Manhattan / Dwelling

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Tesco 36
Release Year: 1998
Note: large cardboard cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Definitiv einer der besten apocalyptic / atmospheric Industrial-Verffentlichungen auf Tesco, noch immer zu entdecken !

This sound artist from the us presents a dark, intense soundscape of destruction and apocalyptic noise to celebrate the end of city civilization. comes in a deluxe special package. [tesco]

Erinys hail from New York, and is one Gerald Stevens. His music touches many musical fields, like musique concrete, elecctronica, ambient and noise, but he is capable of creating his own unique thing. Taking sounds from the city (part1-7) or his former home (8-12), feeding them through synths and other effect boxes, a dense field of noisy ambient concrete music arises. Certainly towards the end, this disc reaches it's peak with very well crafted soundscapes of an austere beauty. This, an the beautiful folder it's packed in, make it a very good release, and can be placed right next to Illusion Of Safety's 'Cancer' release on Tesco (which for me is another previous highlight from their catalogue). [FdW, Vital Weekly]