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ELEMENTAL CHRYSALIS - The Calocybe Collection

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Glass Throat Recordings 011
Release Year: 2005
Note: oversized squared cardboad / gatefold cover / project of CHET SCOTT & JAMES WOODHEAD
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00
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Endlich was neues auf dem Seattler Label von CHET SCOTT (aka RUHRHUNTER), mit THE ELEMENTAL CHRYSALIS ist hier ein absolut ungewhnlicher Hybryd entstanden es handelt sich dabei um ein Projekt von CHET SCOTT mit JAMES WOODHEAD, die hier als Duo eine Art funeral folk & Zaubergarten-Ambience fabrizieren. Zarte Akustikgitarren, Flten, vollmundige Bsse & Electronics, manchmal bizarr mit Orgeleinschlag, immer dunkel & verwunschen, eine seltsame Schnheit ausstrahlend, .. kind of Drone-Psychedelic-fairy-talewyrd folk. Grossformatiges Kartoncover.

A duo comprising of Chet W. Scott (RUHR HUNTER) & composer James Woodhead. The ELEMENTAL CHRYSALIS gift a truly elemental debut album..."The Calocybe Collection"! The collection showcases six ghostly wooded spirits, droning in at 76 minutes of epic "Funeral Folk"...
Ponder one of Ennio Marricone's gloomy "spaghetti western" folkscapes, fused with a deeply unsettling Alexandro Jodorowsky film score! "The Calocybe Collection" is pregnant with "heavy" Elizabethan classical orchestrations & acoustic hallucinatory funeral drones! Imagine a Victorian Pink Floyd collaboration with a band of woodland gypsies, performing acoustic funeral doom!!! A beautifully intense experience, conjuring vast forests of fog quilted mushrooms & darkened paths of self discovery!!!
Chet Scott might not be a household name, but for all you dark ambient / drone / found sound freaks out there it probably will be soon. Not only does he run the Glass Throat label, which is responsible for releasing lots of gorgeously dark and drone-y records, including both records by the post-Noisegate outfit Beneath The Lake (whose new record is reviewed elsewhere on this list), but he also performs as Ruhr Hunter, whose last record of desolate post industrial drones and ambient soundscapes we absolutely loved. With the Elemental Chrysalis, Scott, is joined by James Woodhead, and together, the two explore a curious world of dense drones, forest mythology, elemental symbolism and folky flutter. Like the best of Ruhr Hunter Lustmordian rumble mixed with sun dappled and summery forest folk, lilting melodies, gently strummed guitars, simple pointilist piano, throat-singing style vocals, pastoral soundscapes of fingerpicked guitar, spare tribal rhythms and swoonsome bowed strings, all above a shimmery backdrop of warm reverberating chordal whir, all constructed from acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, cello, organ, thunder sheet, theremin, bowed sitar, Egyptian hand drums, environmental samples, Brazilian surdo drum, bodhran. electric bass, energy chimes (!), wooden flutes, black cat ocarina (!!), harmonica, mountain dulcimer, voice and hermit thrush sample (!!!). Completely and beautifully tranquil and mesemerizing. [Aquarius Records]