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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kranky KRANK061
Release Year: 2003
Note: digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Christina Carter and Tom Carter have been recording and performing as Charalambides since 1991. Unknown Spin was recorded live to tape in May 2002, shortly after pedal steel guitarist/vocalist Heather Leigh Murray's arrival expanded the band into the trio that toured the East Coast/Midwest that year. As such, Unknown Spin is a great introduction to Charalambides' new modus operandi; an improvised minimalism that comes from guitar, pedal steel guitar and the haunting, wordless vocals of Christina Carter and Heather Leigh Murray. In addition to the excellence of the music itself, Unknown Spin gives listeners some hints of what the pcoming Charalambides studio album might sound like. Unknown Spin is the first in a series of reissues of Charalambides
material on kranky. Originally issued by the band's Wholly Other imprint in a CD-R pressing of 300 [with a track by Scorces], Unknown Spin is now available to a wider audience and will remain in print. Since their first self-released cassette, Our Bed is Green, Charalambides have shown themselves to be inheritors of the Texas psychedelic tradition, channellers of the American primitivist instinct, luminescent improvisers and creators of indescribable wonders. Now their music can be appreciated without anyone having to bid for a limited supply of CD-Rs online.

"Charalambides are among the most beautiful and mysterious groups to have emerged from the American desert. Formed in 1991 in Houston, Texas, they have created a glowing template of humanist/mystical improvisation that has kneaded brain muscles from here to Kokomo." [Byron Coley, The Wire, Feb. 2003]

"...with repetition you'll find the subtle meeting between quietly droning electric guitars, pedal steel guitar and Christina's voice very effective. These five epic tracks flow like liquid gold, deep inside your mind." [Broken Face, No.14]