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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Faraway Press 03
Release Year: 2014
Note: deluxe RE edition of this classic CHALK album from 2005 with three pieces of amorph drone-ambience; a waving, langourous acoustic mass that wafts into each little gap.... comes in mini LP style CD slipcase with inner sleeve and wooden spine
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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"... 3 Stcke, 48+ Minuten. VEGA - das ist Drone-Ambient, den man auch LAUT hren kann / sollte, um die schwingenden Details zu erfassen, dieser Sound schwebt nicht, es ist eher eine amorphe, trge Masse, die in jeden Spalt, jede Leerstelle hineinwabert... " [drone rec. info]

"Chalk has again walked a very fine line between complete abstraction and conscious identification...Chalk steps a bit differently, proceeds with his sound in a fulfilling fashion, and somehow works with his sound more like a composer than anyone else. I can imagine him toying with his sounds like they're clay, shaping them to make an architecture or to plan an entire geographic region. Every release Chalk has seems to produce this same effect, this sense of a musician as sculptor. As the album begins the entire sound is bathed in a kind of blind stupor, sounds traveling aimlessly for minutes at a time before the distinct impression of a bell is made clear...The most change occurs in tone, however, elevating the album from a tomb-like sound to the hum of the open air. Conceptually the whole album sounds like a liberation from architecture and a step away from the tight, always very centered sound that Chalk employs. Whatever the case, Vega has that static and rolling sound in its first half and then slowly dissolves, revealing a subterranean process that might've been working throughout the whole album." [Lucas Schleicher/Brainwashed]