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ASCIONE, PATRICK - Primitive / Espaces-Paradoxes

Format: maxi-CD
Label & Cat.Number: INA GRM ina e 5012
Release Year: 2002
Note: digipack double
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Nr. 12 in der fantastischen INA economique-Serie, immer noch die beste Art, diesen aufregenden und kaum erschlossenen Bereich experimenteller Musik kennenzulernen. Hier zwei hochkomplexe Kompositionen von PATRICK ASCIONE, die jenseits konventioneller Parameter funktionieren. Man merkt, da hier monatelang an Stcken herumgefeilt wird, bis jedes Detail passt. TIP !

Two electroacoustic pieces, "Primitive" (1995) and "Espaces-Paradoxes" (1987-89), totalling 33 minutes. about "Espaces-Paradoxes", Ascione writes: "The first acousmatic work designed and projected in 16 real tracks, in full stereo. It deals with the question of writing a three dimensional space into the very act of studio composition. A continuum of singular spaces, real and suggested, give rhythm to the overall structure. The alternating of imagined spatial situations that oppose each other, answer each other or superimpose on each other, and wherein the sound effects are seemingly but a pretext for these figures in space. In return, and paradoxically, these give a sense and a life to the sound forms themselves. Thus, a specific form of discourse is borne of the simultaneous and successive perception of all these planes, trajectories and centres transmitting distinct sounds into the air. At the concert, the listener, taking the place of the standard 'mix' becomes a kind of active and strategic receiver of the elements making up the masterwork"