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SHRINE - Harmony, Bliss, Rust

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: AMEK amek021
Release Year: 2018
Note: the very first SHRINE release from 2006 was a "file-only" net release and consisted of three long tracks; the Bulgarian label AMEK (home of MYTRIP) has now re-issued this timeless, beautiful rustling ambient album (that evolves into more powerful and harsher territories) for the first time on physical format: a cassette with prof. cover & duplication, only 66 copies made, C-40
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.00

More Info

"Harmony, Bliss, Rust" was originally released on the now defunct Swedish net label Mirakel Music in March, 2006. It was the first Shrine release ever. Twelve years later it is reborn on this tape and available in a physical format for the first time. This re-issue of "Harmony, Bliss, Rust" features a brand new artwork.

All music is composed and arranged by Shrine in 2005.
Graphic design and prepress: Shrine.
Shrine is Hristo Gospodinov.

"Harmony, Bliss, Rust" is a passage from tranquility to disharmony. Three lengthy compositions will take you to uncharted desolate places with their slowly evolving sounds. The beginning is very soft and laid back and the end is harsh and distorted... but this doesn't keep the album from being soothing. It works great both as usual background ambience and for active listening." [website infos]