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Format: CD-box
Label & Cat.Number: Black Mara BM-17
Release Year: 2017
Note: a compilation of TROUMs 7" vinyl releases (+ one digital only EP) through the years 2004 - 2016, all re-mastered and appearing on CD for the first time; comes in a beautifully crafted "archaic" looking collector's wood box, with glowing in the dark logo, photos, map of labyrinth, and little bottle with 'magic earth' on Siberians Black Mara label, know for their extravagant packagings!! Lim. 150 copies; VIDEO TEASER: youtu.be/UXVRMnBneE4
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"Every object properly perceived opens a new organ of perception in us." [Shierry Weber Nicholson]

"a collection of TROUMs 7" vinyl releases (+ one "digital EP"- unreleased on any physical format so far) through the years 2004 - 2016.
The tracks are not chronologically sorted to get a new perspective inside this "labyrinth of music.

All material by TROUM taken from the following Singles/EPs:
- Un/Mahts pic-7" (Equation Records 2004)
- Nargis 7" (Viva Hate Records 2007)
- Bach eingeschaltet-dritter Band 7" (Reue um Reue 2010)
- Saiws pic-7" (Equation Records 2011)
- Green 7" (Tourette Records 2012)
- Victoria/River Endscene EP (digital release 2016)

Many thanks to all respective labels for releasing these little structures in stones.

"It is a musical labyrinth in which we go from our earliest days, reliving every moment of the immense awe of the sublime. One topic gives way to another like the meandering paths. And revelation comes when seemingly no way out of a confusing puzzle. And if you're a wanderer, your journey is complete. You've found yourself.


This is a collection of Troum's 7" vinyl releases united by one theme and idea, becoming the album "Da-Pu-Ri-To-Jo".
All tracks were full remastered!"
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