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HAYNES, JIM - Electrical Injuries

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Aussenraum Records AR-LP-008
Release Year: 2017
Note: exciting and powerful, almost undescribable noises that suck you in like nothing else on this new LP by JIM HAYNES, at times loopy structures are build, but there are always multi-layers of complex drones and noises present = psycho-physical industrial at its best !! "Torn, ripped, blown apart, dissolved in acid, left to rot, atomized, electrocuted" [Jim Haynes] only 200 copies
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"Jim Haynes on the album: electrical injuries was designed as an intense record. Something akin to a sustained self-immolation. The themes of corrosion and dislocation central to the research. Similarly, the source material and the means of production also maintains a lineage that dates back to my earlier compositions and designs. I still use shortwave radio, electric disruptions and varispeed motors along with a smattering of synthesized sound that have recently blossomed from a long-term residency at the recombinant media labs. I find myself deliberately pushing these tools to engage with more volatile frequencies and to pursue more aggressive strategies for upheaval. The ruptures are more acute. The harmonic dissonance is more pronounced. In this context, the concepts mentioned above become more existentially stark, eschewing the poetics of residues in favor of an accelerated disintegration. Torn, ripped, blown apart, dissolved in acid, left to rot, atomized, electrocuted.
200 copies on 180g vinyl, cut by Flo Kaufmann, mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.