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ALIO DIE - They grow Layers of Life within

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hic Sunt Leones HSL 090
Release Year: 2017
Note: three new solo A.D. tracks with the central title piece (32+ min.), ALIO DIE denotes his music as 'acoustic cathedral' or 'an ancient forest'; "This is sonic tapestry at it's finest... a warm, mystical blanket of sound that you can keep sinking into. In my opinion, it's one of the finest releases in Alio Die's solo cannon of work to date" [Rich Keville]
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Alio Die knows the sound and this album is an acoustic cathedral, but it could also be the sound of an ancient forest or what is more pure has survived or escaped the implacable vortices of space-time.
A pure, charming, superlative album, where Alio Die opens passages, planing, flying through. There is no uncertainty, no swelling, no cracking, the sounds emerge, appear and disappear within a solid soundtrack.
Thanks to such dilated sounds the listener sees in the distance. It looks like through a crystal sphere, the trained ear reads messages that Alio Die has received from other worlds thanks to an accustomed sensitivity now capturing in every sound event the sacred and essential.

released June 21, 2017

Alio Die: Zither, Drones and Loops,
Bells, Voice, Field Recordings

Composed and Performed by Stefano Musso (bmi)

Recorded at Lunae Studio,Italy

Between January and December 2016

Photo Processing by Arianna Tondo ~ Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones