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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Projekt PRO 506
Release Year: 1991
Note: this was the first classic CD (after two LPs and one cassette) by the pioneering British "ethno-ambient" group (which started already 1982 in Nottingham), with their exotic but always elegantly woven cinematic fourth world music, using lots of ethnic vocals and original percussion, synths and bass... "Built largely on ghostly layers of percussion, this intriguing release suggests ceremonies of ancient worship, or other tribal rites." [Allmusic.com]
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A return to the power of our primitive ancestors whirling before fires and evoking the spirits. An intense aura of truths more primal and clear.

Warm, enveloping and invigorating textures. O Yuki Conjugates music inhabits some netherworld between ethnic, ambient, improvised and experimental sounds. The music here is built largely on ghostly layers of percussion suggesting ceremonies of ancient worship. eerily affecting. -OPTION MAGAZINE.