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I:WOUND - Ram Nam Satya Hai

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Stein Sein Productions
Release Year: 1998
Note: back in stock the first CD by the German ethno ambient Industrial project, using original recordings from an overland journey in India: voices, chantings, music, tablas, flutes, bicycle-bells, gongs, birds, train noises, recordings from holy places, etc. were re-constructed, processed and mixed sometimes with percussion sounds and rhythms... This is real ethno-experimentalism!
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"Mixed from 5 hours of samples recorded during an overland journey to and in India in 1996/97. The title is the traditional hindu praise for the deceased first shouted by one person, then responded echo-like by those carrying the corpse. It is translated as: "The Name of Ram is Truth"."

"Endlich die erste CD des Ethno-Industrial-Projektes von Sascha Karminski. Wieder geht es thematisch um Indien, diverse Originalaufnahmen werden eindrucksvoll verarbeitet, mit Rhythmen gemischt und effektiert.
So we hear a mixture of different original sounds like voices, singings, music, tabla-drummings, flutes, bicycle-bells, gongs, birds, train-noises, etc. which were then de- & re-constructed afterwards. Sometimes the voices are coming from everywhere, sometimes there are rhythms underneath, sometimes the atmosphere is very meditative, and you may feel the spirit of India "in the air". The concept reminded me on some of Francisco Lopez' works, although I:WOUND uses more effects to modify the original sources (without destroying the special mood). Or think of RAPOON on LSD.
The titles of the tracks (like "city of Shiva", "city of Kali") point on several holy places in India, where the sound-recordings were made. So this is a kind of real ethno-experimentalism. A very interesting work anyway." [Drone Rec. info 1998]