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PHILLIPS, DAVE - A Collection of Hair

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Heart & Crossbone HCB 040
Release Year: 2013
Note: finally in stock this collection of rare material and compilation tracks (1995-2011) by the excellent Swiss performer and composer who often reaches an intensity and tension that could only compared to mid-phase ETANT DONNES; his "psycho-acoustics" contain special shock treatments but also extreme animalic / organic / body sounds and vocals, plus unusual field recordings... all in all a fascinating journey! (full 150 min. of material, feat. one video-track)
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Compiled from recordings made between 1995 to 2011, 'A Collection of Hair' is a sequel to 'A Collection of Curses' (2006) and gathers hard to find tracks, compilation contributions, re-workings, live recordings as well as unreleased pieces by Dave Phillips: A mutinous punk, Aktionist and activist, a member of Schimpfluch-Gruppe and OHNE, the man behind Dead Peni and a mingler and a mangler in numerous other projects.

With 32 tracks/150 minutes of sound, including a video by Gina Kamentsky to dp's tribute 'A Drink on Spike Jones', an unreleased recording from 'Abolishing Religion', a unique Tel Aviv performance, a radio piece curated by 23five, an edit of the Schimpfluch-Commune Berlin wild boar feeding grounds piece and lots more, "A Collection of Hair" is all about Psychoactive sonics of minutiae micro-compositional rackets juxtaposed with flourishing audio-pastures, psycho-acoustic shock treatments and an almost scientific approach to musique concrte - A wide spectrum of recordings that illustrates the convulsive and always channeling body of work from the blackened man in black.