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PACIFIC 231 - Kyben

Format: LP + CD
Label & Cat.Number: E-Klageto E-KLAGETO 09
Release Year: 2017
Note: KYBEN shows the minimal rhythmic side of P231, hypnotic pulses and digital snaps, experimental technoid but not really danceable, with portions of noise and morphed ambience... they sound here "like KRAFTWERK who produced a dirty demo" [Thomas S.]; four tracks, lim. vinyl version (100 copies!) w. hand-coloured cover, postcard and CD version of the same album included!!
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More Info

"The 2017 album by this experimental project of Pierre Jolivet. Pacific 231 has been active since the mid-'80s. The LP comes with a free CD-version."

"Named after a classical composition by Arthur Honegger, in which the orchestra imitates the
steam train, French music act Pacific 231 is Pierre Jolivet, who has been living in Ireland since a very long time. Back in the 80s he was quite active in the big cassette network, but in Ireland worked on his Phd, ''brainwave and sensorial perception applied to sound art'', so it's all a bit more serious these days, and perhaps that results in a lot less releases. In Vital Weekly 888 I reviewed a solo work from him, but nothing in that department since then. His previous solo work was made with a 'single electric guitar, processed to fuse resonant cords with loop sequences in a stereophonic dialogue' and brought us a rather minimal, ambient piece of music. This new one is something entirely different. It is also available on LP, but I understand that is a
bit different, and I assume in the mix. I can imagine that the first and third piece on CD, lasting here some seventeen minutes, are trimmed down and perhaps sound a bit different. These pieces show a rhythmic side of Pacific 231 that I never heard before. Inspired by the world of techno(id) music, this is dance-like, but perhaps not entirely made to dance too, even when the development in these pieces is rather minimal. It just isn't that groovy that it would do well on a dance-floor, I think (but I admit not being a DJ or a dancer, so what do I know?). In the other two pieces Pacific 231 seems to go back to his previous record with some more ambient approach to sound treatment. For all of these pieces I have no idea what it is that he is doing here, but my best guess would be that he uses digital techniques to generate these sounds and he shows us they can work in a rhythmical way, as well as a more ambient approach, of which 'Demon Trent' is the
dirty, noisy cousin. I thought was all quite enjoyable, but not really that surprising. A sort of all right but also something that you may have heard before and maybe also a bit more inspired. Somehow I think Pacific 231 didn't use his full potential on this release." [FdW/Vital Weekly]