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MODELBAU - Cataract

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Licht-Ung
Release Year: 2016
Note: second tape release for a new project by FRANS DE WAARD, analogue buzzes and drones manifesting in various types of pulsing waves and minimal repetitions, reaching out for a kind of 'mosquito drone' and beatless techno, it all sounds improvised and spontaneous and very "direct"... lim. 50
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More Info

"Modelbau is one of the projects of Frans de Waard. The first tape was released by Barreuh Records and all tracks start with the letter B. This tape is starts with the letter C and Frans de Waard works with the same idea. He creates music with analogue material and with a backing track. The music is recorded with a two track recording and will be edited by this way. No complex multilayered music, but music played 'live'. The first track 'Checkout' is like a buzzing bee circling round your head and tries to penetrate your brain. Another sound is coming up and with an ongoing pulse and the bee flies slowly away. The second track is more noisy and the pitching of the sounds is getting higher. Side A ends with a drony sound pulsing sound which develops to more and more silent. Side B starts with an rhythmical piece of music, very minimimalistic which slowly fades away and ends with a great glitch. 'Caustic' is an uptempo track with ongoing noisy synthwave and at the background there a minimal rhythm. The sound is pitching up and down, maybe once this track will be a floor-filler for a independent dancefest. Great track! The last track continues this concept an electronic sound in combination with a rhythmical sound at the background. The sound is scratching and searching to complete. Great minimalistic electronic tape and a logical follow up of the tape Blade." [JKH, Vital Weekly]