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NITSCH, HERMANN - Orgien Mysterien Theater - 25. Aktion

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Cien Fuegos CFX006
Release Year: 2016
Note: in 1982 the "Orgien Mysterien Theater - 25.Aktion" ritual was re-performed in Vienna (the premiere happened 1968 in New York, after an invitation by JONAS MEKAS); these recordings appeared first on a tape release by MARTIN SIEWERT in 1982, and are now (re-mastered) for the first time properly available; HERMANN NITSCH is one of the founders of the "Wiener Aktionismus" (Viennese Actionism) along with GNTER BRUS, OTTO MUEHL, and RUDOLF SCHWARKOGLER
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Hermann Nitsch Orgien Mysterien Theater 25. Aktion
Re-Performance of the 25. Action , march 1982 in the gallery Pakesch, Vienna (Premiere was in New York 1968).
The music was released on a small gallery tape edition in 1982 remastering for vinyl by Martin Siewert 2016
Hermann Nitsch, Austria, painter, performance-artist and composer, was a crucial founding artist of Viennese Actionism. Exhibitions and Performances all over the world since the 60s.
The idea of the very sensual and archaic Orgien Mysterien Theater was developed in the late 50s and is performed in variations untill today.
Nitsch works out all settings of the rituals, the feast in great detail, precisely composes days of art, performance, food, wine and music to celebrate the existence of mankind