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IRR.APP. (ext.) [aka MATT WALDRON] - Materiaux Deplaces

Format: 2 x CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Errata In Excelsis ‎ eie020
Release Year: 2015
Note: "Trying to write about irr. app. (ext.) is like trying to make a building out of dance" [MATT WALDRON] - this is the CD version of the awesome MC release on Readymade tapes, containg the tape material plus 21 additional tracks!! "The tape ends suddenly, feeling like youve been kicked out of the tent with no idea of what you've just witnessed, but a firm feeling that you're not the same person who entered the attraction" [Russel Cuzner] lim. 120 copies, hand-assembled edition
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A selection of non-telelogically displaced instances, documented with and without specific interposition between 2003 and 2014, here amalgamated with several more-or-less deliberate constructions of a multifarious and unsupportable nature.

Edition of 120 copies.

"M.S. Waldron makes a piano record; and for those of you who know Mr. Waldron and his absurdist project irr. app. (ext.), you will know that such a proposition would never be confused for the work of such piano troubadours as Billy Joel or Michael McDonald. The piano in question belongs to his sister, who must be a generous soul to allow for Waldron to mistreat her instrument through various prepared piano techniques and Waldron's splattered melodic arrhythmia. These various plunks and sproings and Cageian blorting on the piano work into signature irr. app. (ext.) strategies of psychic / sonic dislocation with vibrators swarmed into densely aggregated drones, anti-raga minimalism creaked out on a harmonium (borrowed from Steven Stapleton who has often recruited Waldron to perform in the live Nurse With Wound ensemble), thrummed electronic vibrations referencing Roland Kayn or Jean-Claude Eloy, and plenty of insects and frogs croaking about. Befuddled and befuddling, Waldron's irr. app. (ext.) is always well worth investigating! Be warned that these self-published cd-r editions from Waldron's Errata In Excelsis are quite limited." [Aquarius Rec.]