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AUME (SCOT JENERIK & ALEPH OMEGA) - Agere Urendum Mentis Epode

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Mobilization Records MOB-AU1
Release Year: 2016
Note: AUME is the NEW project of SCOT JENERIK (23Five Org., F-SPACE) and ALEPH OMEGA (CHROME, etc.), their dark and electricity filled "ambient industrial" creations build lots of tension, using pulses, whirring drones, effected percussion and found sounds (voices, oriental melodies)... there are also more sublime moments in the two-side long tracks, reminding on older ZOVIET FRANCE... excellent sonics, georgously packed: die cut linen jacket with silver foil embossing, inlay, lim. 555 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €25.00

More Info

"Immersive, dark ambient, soundscape, sound art collaboration by Scot Jenerik (solo, F-Space, 23five) and Aleph Omega (Chrome, F-Space, Altar De Fey). The soundtrack for falling through a wormhole on your way to creation. Foil-stamped, die-cut linen jacket. 180-gram vinyl. Numbered edition of 555 copies.

Scot Jenerik: Composer and multidisciplinary artist. Performed, lectured and distributed works extensively in the United States, Europe and Japan, as a solo artist and member of F-Space. Co-owner of Mobilization Records, has an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, founded 23five Incorporated and co-hosted the No Other Radio Network on KPFA.

Aleph Omega: Composer, multi-instrumentalist and artist. Performed and toured extensively throughout the United States, and Europe as a member of Chrome, Helios Creed, F-Space and pioneering Deathrock band, Altar De Fey. Owner/operator Unicursal Studios."


"Not releasing many records means that you move out of sight. Scot Jenerik is such a person. He never released much music anyway, and spends his time as a conceptual artist, doing a record out of cement and a CD in an edition of five copies. You should check out his bandcamp. He also runs 23Five and Mobilization Records, the first well-know, I should hope, to the readers of Vital Weekly for their many interesting releases (Karkowski, Chop Shop, Gum, G*Park and many others) and the latter for their releases by Savage Republic and F-Space, a group of which Jenerik is also a member. Much to my surprise this LP landed on my desk, packed in a beautiful black cover, with a die cut silver foil print and it looks dark, stark and great. The music is credited to Jenerik and Aleph Omega and no instruments are mentioned on the cover, but I would think percussion is certainly the place to be for this music; that, and a lot of studio trickery, which works out to using quite a bit of reverb and delay, but I must say its not very much in the way of the music; the effects dont take over. There might also be a guitar in play, but maybe not. Each side has one piece and they last exactly 21 minutes and 12 seconds, according to the timing on bandcamp; the LP cover says its 18 minutes and 0 seconds. It opens up with more drone based sounds, hence the guitar I thought, but somewhere half way through the first piece, Praeludium it becomes more percussive, and its from then on that one has the idea of this being two pieces of sound collage, albeit of long forms. Its not a quick cut n paste, but it uses various longer blocks with overlaps in various lengths. There are drum parts that end up with much effect treatments but these effects dont take over. The overall mood of this record is quite dark, but I found Epilogue on the second side a tad bit lighter in tone. Whereas Praeludium is a dark beast, this side reminded me from time to time of zoviet*france in the mid to late 80s; lots of delay used, a bit string instruments being plucked, percussion and more delay, but here too darkness is never far away. Overall I was very pleased with this album; the music was great, the production excellent and, despite its blackness, it was not without light and not entirely focussed on a wall of sound, as the cover maybe indicates. Lets hope there will be more of this." [FdW/Vital Weekly]