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MERZBOW - Rembland Assemblage

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Urashima UMA 115
Release Year: 2016
Note: Listen to the earliest MERZBOW!=> Recordings from 1980 that came out on cassette in 1981; completely different from today, he used varius instruments, radio, and for the first time tape manipulations, everything completely analogue! Lim. 199 copies, silver silkscreen cover with the 5 original collages by MASAMI AKITA from 1980
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €35.00

More Info

"'Remblandt Assemblage' was recorded and mixed in 1980 and originally released on cassette the following year on Merzbow's own label. For the recording of this tape Masami Akita used a wide range of instruments: tapes, prepared acoustic guitar, tabla, junk percussion, microphone, radio, egg cutter and noise. Also, this is the very first Merzbow album to use tape manipulations. Limited to 199 copies." [label info]