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EXIT IN GREY - One Lumen in the Past

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Frozen Light FZL 039
Release Year: 2016
Note: the beloved Russian project with a transcendental drone masterpiece, three long 'primeval soup' tracks that sound extremely mysterious & melancholic at the same time... when subliminal atmospheric drones meet with field recordings and melancholic guitar drones, this sounds like a mixture of TOY BIZARRE and TROUM; dedicated to the memory of the space around us! lim. 300
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Frozen Light presents One Lumen is In The Past a new album by sub-Moscow project Exit In Grey. Time runs forward, inexorably carrying us into the darkness of the forthcoming Unknown. But sometimes our path is illuminated by short and bright flashes flashes of light from our Past. Memory helps us not to get lost, and the Past itself gives us hope and support, because it is devoid of our death. But the Past is already dead and were not yet Only flashes One Lumen is In The Past is based on Memory of the space around us, inspiring and charging. Melancholic and anxious Drone / Ambient in the best traditions of Exit In Gr