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RESIDENTS - Rushing like a Banshee

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Psychofon Records PR-008
Release Year: 2016
Note: lovely 7" on a new label from Bremerhaven, these are true RESIDENTS hits with prog-rock and jazz elements and based on rhythms of trains, perfectly produced and surely with enough RESIDENTS-weirdness included (i.e. ELEPHANT-sounds); black vinyl ed. (other colours available direct from the label)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

More Info

The Residents make a triumphant return to the studio with a new single, Rushing Like a Banshee!

Rushing Like a Banshee and its B-side Train vs. Elephant are off of their brand new upcoming album The Ghost of Hope, slated for an early 2017 release. From what we can gather, the albums theme takes form on the subject of famous train wrecks throughout human history, with a refreshed lineup consisting of old familiar voices and semi-newcomer Eric Drew Feldman. The Ghost of Hope will also be accentuated by the vocal stylings of Carla Fabrizio!
Rushing Like a Banshee

Frantic and rushing, with a locomotive chugging rhythm punctuated by atmospheric guitar work and thumping bass, the unforgiving speed and power of a train barreling full speed down its track is the focus of this tune. You can almost feel it speeding towards your Buick which has stalled on the tracks. Now look at whats happened. Leaving fresh strawberries scattered in the wake of the wreckage, the banshee rushes on. This is a different cut than what will appear on the full album in 2017.

Train vs. Elephant

One can only assume from the musical flow, Bengali-esque shouting and trumpeting of elephants that this semi-ambient 5 minute instrumental track is on the subject of the horrific accident in India in 2013 where four elephants were killed by a passenger train while attempting to cross the tracks that went through a part of wilderness known as an elephant corridor. The impact of the accident was so severe that the elephant directly on the tracks died on the spot. Only about 35,000 elephants remain on the planet. Look it up.

The Residents put so much time, effort, and care into their work that we at Psychofon Records feel that we must match that energy with our productions. This release is very special to us, so we wanted to go all-out with several different flavors for people to choose from, ranging from audiophile black to a version that is as much of a record as it is a true Objet dArt!