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TOEPLITZ, KASPER T. - Inoculate?

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Alamuse / La Muse En Circuit ALM003
Release Year: 2011
Note: a super intense droning soundtrack for a choreography of MYRIAM GOURFINK - performed by 4 musicians on trombone, trumpet & saxophones... subtle tension drones and multi-layered wall of sound drones are created, developing extremely slowly... like PHILL NIBLOCK meeting FRANCISCO LOPEZ meeting LUSTMORD, maybe.. phantastic stuff - still to discover !
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"Instability between sound and silence, between stagnation and air pressure; or else digital phantoms, remanences of what has not occurred - and the live electronics that sculpt this matter. Instruments increased to excess or, to the contrary, reduced to the flimsiest breath, distorted and exploited by themselves as much as by the teeming immobility of the dancer, body to hear. A slowness always in imbalance with abrupt accelerations, a stasis filled with electricity, a wall of sound." [label info]

"If you see a picture of mister Toeplitz, its usually behind a laptop. That could lead to the assumption that he is a laptop musician. Which he is, but it is not necessarily the whole range of his work. He also plays bass, performs music from other composers (such as Eliane Radigue) and composes his own music, such as the work on this new CD, 'Inoculate?', which is a work for a wind trio (trumpet, bass and soprano saxophone, trombone), live electronics, data noise and dance. The latter is of course not part of this release. Toeplitz is a composer of minimalist works but also of heavy music. His music is not some mil droning stuff, but au contraire works into the brain, like a heavy block of noise falling down. The sheer minimalism of 'Noise Wall' reminds us of Niblock, but then the live Niblock rather than the studio Niblock. It is what it is: a wall of noise drones, which even reminded me at one point of Zbigniew Karkowski. By comparison, the short 'Inoculer' is a soft piece of drones, and one that seems to have no wind instruments, just electronics, which moves over into 'Irradier', in which the electronics seem to play a major role still, but the wind instruments return here. Before the 'Noise Wall', the CD is opened with a piece called 'Brume', which is the perfect ascent down the spiral staircase. Wind instruments and artificial wind sounds from the computer mingle in an elegant manner, creating a vast spacious piece of music. Here the noise is yet far away, and forms a great introduction into the world of Toeplitz. An excellent work, this four part work 'Inoculate?' of modern classical music, using electronics and real instruments." [FdW/Vital Weekly]