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CURRENT 93 - The Moons at your Door

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: The Spheres ‎ THE SPHERES NINETEEN
Release Year: 2015
Note: back to the roots! - the surprising new C93 album, going into a much more experimental & dark atmospheric / ambient direction as before; two side-long pieces..."This is a soundtrack for fear, which is, after all, the desired outcome for Tibet, who prompts the listener to hear loud, in the night, in the dark for further enhancement of the impending terror." [Heathen Harvest] lim. ed. comes on white vinyl & with inlay
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"A very spooky album from Current 93, which finds David Tibet working alongside Andrew Liles as his only comrade in arms; this was released in conjunction with a book of the same title of macabre tales that Tibet compiled for Strange Attractor Press. This is not the avant-folk minstrel side of Current 93, but the devilish abstraction of dark, sicktone sound design, overlaid with a deconstructed collage of a gravel throated gentleman (not Tibet) reciting and chanting in monotone various elements from the book. Yes, this does hark back to the Crowleyian incantations from Current 93's Nature Unveiled and the Thomas Ligotti collaborations In A Foreign Land, In A Foreign Town and I Have A Special Plan For This World. These albums continue to appear within Current 93's visionary work, and always act as huge gravity well, grasping from depths of the macabre and the supernatural. Nightmare music, par excellance!" [Aquarius Records]