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LOPEZ, FRANCISCO - Untitled # 274

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Important Records IMPREC 415
Release Year: 2015
Note: 48 min. long, intense 'absolute music' composition performed on "BassComputer" by KASPAR T. TOEPLITZ: throbbing bass pulses and multi-layered hissings and sibilances developing into ecstatic structures...this is as far away from 'normal music' as it could be...
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"Untitled #274 was composed by Francisco Lopez and performed by Kasper T. Toeplitz at GRM Studios in Paris, France. Francisco Lpez is internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music. For more than thirty years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world. Destroying boundaries between industrial sounds and wilderness sound environments, shifting with passion from the limits of perception to the most dreadful abyss of sonic power, proposing a blind, profound and transcendental listening, freed from the imperatives of knowledge and open to sensory and spiritual expansion. Kasper T. Toeplitz has worked with academic research organizations, such as GMEM, GRM, IRCAM, and Radio-France, as well as with experimental musicians, such as liane Radigue, Zbigniew Karkowski, Dror Feiler, Tetsuo Furudate, Phill Niblock and Art Zoyd. Citing Giacinto Scelsi and Iannis Xenakis as influences, his early work was mostly written for traditional instruments." [label info]