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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Unfathomless U25
Release Year: 2015
Note: catch the breeze! the environmental recordings by this Mexican sound artist were made along the coast of Yucatan / Mexico, you hear the rustling and soughing of the Mangrove forest, the smackling of the water, the far away rumbling of the atmosphere, presented with a very high three-dimensional aural quality... the whole is dedicated to "La Hojarasca" (defoliation of trees) as a certain language of the trees... lim. 200, full colour cardboard cover, inlay
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"My life in the Mangroves :
From 2008 to 2011 I was living for different periods of time in towns along the coast of Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, working on my research projects, and Sisal was one of these towns.
In the past Sisal was the most important port of Yucatan from 16th to early 20th century, but it was replaced with the arrival of the more modern Progreso port, and with the years it become gradually a fishing town.
With the increase of human activities near coast towns the extension of mangrove forests are strongly reduced every year.
This collection of mangrove recordings are dedicated to "La Hojarasca", which is the ecological process of defoliation of the trees which contributes to the recycling of organic matter in this ecosystem.
"La Hojarasca" is in some sense the language of the mangroves, and we can testify the transformation of the whole ecosystem in every leaf falling.(Manrico Montero, April 2015)" [label info]