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EMERGE - Frown

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACU 1001
Release Year: 2014
Note: after almost hundreds of CD-R releases this is the very first "fabric pressed" CD of this very open-minded German label, with new recordings by EMERGE => "Frown" is a rumbling dark drone journey in three parts that seems to go deeply into the abyss, into a underground mining or sewerage system, using gurgling water sounds, metallic winds, breaking rocks, mechnical machine loops... where no traces of humans are to be found; great ultra dark musique concrete (no synthetic sounds used) !!
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More Info

"The three tracks on this album distill the essence from EMERGEs musical endeavours of the past decade or so and form the perfect
starting point for exploring his vast body of work. Between 15 and 20 minutes in length, each track showcases different aspects of EMERGEs
musical personality, from contemplative to unrelenting. With a minimum of timbres, he still creates varied and well-paced compositions that stand up to comparison with masters like Asmus Tietchens.

EMERGE has always been a minimalist, but not in the sense of any musical school, but simply in that he restricts himself to the use of a very limited set of found sounds which he then treats and edits to create his compositions. Almost puritanical in his refusal to synthesise sounds, he only occasionally uses samples from like-minded musicians, such as the very subdued drum loop by elektrojudas on the second track of this triptych. The results could be characterised as musique concrte, drone, dark ambient, lowercase, or sometimes even noise, but eventually refuse to be pigeonholed so easily. The frown of the title may easily be that on the faces of critics trying to pin
EMERGE down to one particular style. The uniquely consistent three tracks on the album manage to integrate the different facets of
EMERGEs work into an electroacoustic symphony of austere sparseness which reveals a surprising wealth of beautiful sonic detail to the careful listener, like patterns of colourful pebbles in an endless stretch of grey industrial dust." [label info]