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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACLAB 1008
Release Year: 2014
Note: who ever attended a FEINE TRINKERS show knows about the 'anti-stylistic' approach and the impression visiting a strange chemical audio laboratory (for example using fireworks, effervescent powder, stones, wood..) - this concert from 2009 comes in a very good quality so all details from the vinyl loops, drones, strange samples & objects that were transmutated or used live come out crystal clear, great recording !! Lim. 50, oversized cover
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"One of the great achievements of the lab.30 festival is the bridging of the gap between ‘high-culture’ media installation art and ‘underground’ experimental musics, the latter represented in this 2009 live recording by Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim, truly a household name in the post-industrial drone/ambient scene.

Eine der großen Leistungen des lab.30-Festivals ist die Überbrückung der Kluft zwischen der ‚Hochkultur’-Welt von installativer Medienkunst und experimenteller Musik aus dem ‚Underground’. Letzterer wird in diesem Livemitschnitt von 2009 von einer echten Größe der Post-Industrial-/Droneambient-Szene repräsentiert, nämlich Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim.

Amplified objects, some effects and rather cheap electronics – this is all it takes for Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim to take the audience into a deep space of resonances and acoustic illusions. An exercise in musical ‘arte povera,’ proving that a rather reduced set-up can yield great, richly emotional sonic art. Drony textures and intricately interwoven metallic meshes of sounds combine in this varied sound trip.

Verstärkte Objekte, ein paar Effekte und eher billige Elektronik - mehr brauchen Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim nicht, um das Publikum mitzunehmen in einen tiefen Raum voller Resonanzen und akustischer Illusionen. Ein Beispiel musikalischer ‚Arte povera’, das beweist, dass ein sehr reduzierter Materialeinsatz emotional reichhaltige Soundkunst hervorbringen kann. Drone-Texturen und kleinteilig ineinander gewobene metallische Geräuschgeflechte bilden auf dieser Klangreise eine Einheit." [label info]


"Also noisy, but then of an entirely different order, is the music of Jurgen Eberhard, going by the name of Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim since 1990. In 2009 he played at Lab.30 at a presentation of Attenuation Circuit, and now, five years later, this recording is released. Feine Trinkers are, along with say Maeror Tri/Troum and Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, part of the ambient/drone/noise scene in Germany, the old masters if you will and from this lot I think Feine Trinkers are the most noisy ones. At least in concert they have quite a forceful presence. Much of their (his, maybe, as it's I think mostly Eberhard solo) music revolves and evolves around the use of effects. There is a little bit of original sound running, which is fed through all sorts of sound effects - reverb mostly, but also delay, chorus, distortion and such like, and the end result is a strong thick multitude layered mass of sounds. Shrieking high towards the end - the excited strings of violin bows - but also the
endless grooves from records, deep end bass and machine hum, all with quite an amount of power and also with control. Feine Trinkers also pull back so they can use a bit of spoken word here and there and in the end have a powerful listening trip for you. Probably loud on the evening itself, but at home you can be in control, which is nice." [FdW/Vital Weekly]