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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Fourth Dimension Records FDCD86
Release Year: 2014
Note: first real album by this 'experimental psychedelic" group from Poznan, Poland, creating long hallucinogenic improvisations on a big amount of electronic / analogue devices, objects and real instruments plus voice (like echo-theremin, saxophones, hurdy-gurdy, didgeridoo, sine/square wave generator, etc..), ranging from dark atmospheric passages to pestering and ecstatic abstractions, the right sounds for your personal borderline-experience....
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"Debut album proper by this group from Poznan, Poland, who mesh all manner of psychedelic textures together from electronics and various instruments in order to reinterpret an experience, from the very beginning to the end, concerning a highly potent cactus. Limited to 300 in digipaks and released in late February 2014. Co-released by Polands excellent BDTA label." [label info]


"A trio from Poland with people I don't think I heard of before: Patryk Lichota (computer, field recordings, echo-Theremin, saxophones & preparations), Szymon Lokis Mizera (hurdy-gurdy, didgeridoo, vocal) and Hubert Winczyk (sine/square wave generators, analogue electronics, toy instruments, found objects, plastic & metal tools, vocals) and on one track the vocals of Blanka Dembosz. The cover also noted 'Recorded during two improvised sessions based upon common experience', whatever that means. These two sessions do lead up to seventy-eight minutes of music of a more improvised nature. KakofoNIKT, as the correct spelling goes of this band, is from Poznan and this is their debut album. It's a long album, at seventy-eight minutes, and that's maybe the only downside of it. It's a lot of music to take in at once, even when I thought it was very nice. It's not easy to say what it is that KakofoNIKT is doing here, as it kind of defies description. It's improvised for sure, but it's not of the standard free improvisation, onkyo or free jazz. There are, I guess, too many electronics involved in this music. Then there is certainly an element of the more adventurous post-punk brigade in here; I was thinking at one point of nicely saxophone sounds that it sounded not unlike Five Or Six, complete with similar echoed vocals and a strong rhythm, in 'Speed Up Your Breath, Each Breathe In Is The Deflaction, Breath Out Is The Inclination' (all titles read like instructions, but instructions to what really?). There are more of these bouncing, driving pieces here, but also more free wailing improvisations of electronics and acoustic sounds, such as 'Cover Yourself With Material, Such As Blanket Or Film Of Some Kind And Coil Yourself Into The Position Of An Embrio, Listen For (The End)'. It makes all of this together a really fine album, highly varied and very interesting. This is a band I wouldn't mind seeing. An adventurous band, defying any description and bouncing all over the alternative music place: that's what I like best, I guess. How would that sound in concert?" [FdW/Vital Weekly]