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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Backwards BW10
Release Year: 2014
Note: two side long drone-pieces from 2012 by these two ambient & experimental composers from Italy (who reside in Berlin) => subtly woven sonic clouds enriched with field recordings and found sounds from the radio or old records on Side B... lim. 300
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"The work of both Fabio Orsi and Claudio Rocchetti has long been a varied study in internal dynamics. Through an array of instruments and sound sources, Orsi and Rocchetti have made an album that both feels very internal, and yet firmly roots observation on the external; that which is indeed beyond view. The very 'falling' of Cascando is at play across the work. Typically, of course, one associates the act of falling as a negative; something which is accidental and brings pain. Yet as the album begins with its harsh insect-like frequencies, so it ends in a similar vein as the fall implied is complete. Quite beyond that which one would expect however, the end result of said fall is one that is considered, calm, and ultimately, biotic. The slowing down of everything gives us time to see beyond life's noise, with its diversions and tracts. It helps us to absorb but to also look deeper, further, and onward, to a place we can call our own, to a place we can call home." [Ian Hawgood]


"The psychedelic drone traveler Fabio Orsi has dotted the globe appearing on an impressive array of labels with his slippery dronescaping and nocturnal impressionism. Time Released Sound, Home Normal, Digitalis, Students Of Decay, and Korm Plastics have all released his recordings, and here; he finds himself on the Italian imprint Backwards working with fellow countryman Claudio Rocchetti, who both happen to be residing in Berlin. The twin guitars of these audio alchemists surface through dense layers of time-delay effects of shimmer and blur, resulting in some lovely overtones and harmonics washed amidst the field recordings of rural chimes and cathedral incantation. While it's hard to discern the exact division of labor, Rocchetti seems to be the one with more of the rough-hewn Tom Carter-styled bent to his guitar figures and drones, where Orsi might be the one who wraps his instrument in a deep cosmic hypnosis. Together, they are formidable pairing making a gauzy yet earthen mesmerism, in conjuring these mirage-like recordings. Think a more shambolic Stars Of The Lid or a less shoegazing doppleganger of Simon Scott, and you'll probably be pretty close to what this Cascando falls. Gorgeous stuff." [Aquarius Rec.]