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HELM - The Hollow Organ

Format: 12inch
Label & Cat.Number: PAN Records PAN 50
Release Year: 2014
Note: four new studio tracks by LUKE YOUNGER aka HELM (who is also a member of BIRDS OF DLEAY) on clear vinyl, very powerful pulsing & repetitive structures again with sharp & metallic sounds & drones... the suspenseful meeting of drone & industrial..
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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"PAN presents four vital concrte incursions by nether field traveller Luke Younger aka Helm, marking his first transmissions since the studio rituals that birthed his highly acclaimed Impossible Symmetry' and Silencer' releases. The Hollow Organ' toes a deliberate line in the mud between his previous transgressions and a chokingly dank realisation of his most untoward, paralytic sound. Poised as a dark interpreter between the grotesque and the transcendent, he activates research gleaned from his petrifying live performances coupled with an increasingly squalid and visceral palette of anguished machine voices, sub-zero drones and bone-scraped rhythmic noise to divine unearthly space somewhere between semi-legal horror soundtrack and hyperstitious surreality. Its opening gambit, Carrier' is the most succinct and uncannily ambiguous; perilously close to Gas-like ambient pop but rescued from serenity by manic tape spool and excoriating, demonic vocal. The vortex of Analogues' proceeds, ploughed by stereo-twinned engines of churning tape loops to a pitch black, eschatalogical climax, and Spiteful Jester' feels like the unshakable onset of a panic attack, ratcheting the intensity with blank-eyed, stoic method. For ten minutes The Hollow Organ' drains last with an unnerving, quiet blood-letting of carmine iron drones evaporating ferric overtones whilst percussions clank in your blind spot behind the screen." [label info]

"More fantastic electronic weirdness from the Pan label, this one, the latest from Luke Younger, aka Helm, who crafts a dizzying expanse of blunted post industrial rhythms, and blurred psychedelic ambience, lazer blast blurts that sound like light sabers are tangled into strange shapes over throbbing low end pulsations, while all around clouds of hiss and static and thrum swirl and shimmer, noisy and psychedelic, but darkly hypnotic. Elsewhere the sounds splinter into weird avant musique concrete, blasts of noise swooping from speaker to speaker, a wildly ecstatic 'pipe fight', sculpted into an abstract psych-noise groove. Younger also delves into power electronics, with keening arcs of feedback, draped over a churning chordal thrum, peppered with bursts of strangely melodic static, sounding almost like Skullflower attempting to make dance music, and failing fantastically, before finally finishing things off with a haunting bit of deep drone loveliness, sinister shimmering clouds of muted rumbles ripple out in soft clouds, an ominous, haunting and harrowing sprawl of hushed mesmeric murk that might be the dreamiest bit of grim black ambience we've heard in ages!
Like all Pan releases, the packaging is stunning, a plain white sleeve in a clear PVC plastic jacket, printed in purple ink, liner notes on one side, the band name all tangly and geometric on the other. And yeah, limited too!" [Aquarius Records]