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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: KdB Records KDB003
Release Year: 2014
Note: 'LM likes drone doom with spicy sauce' - project of LA STPO member(s), obscure drone-soundscapes with guitar, distorted bass, bubbling analog synths, percussion & bizare (Spanish) vocals & unidentified instruments..somehow improvised & energetic, highly original & idiosyncratic stuff, no easy listening! Comes with download code, lim. 250
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"LM likes drone doom with spicy sauce
LM grows geriatric spice under cracked bells
LM loves gnashing of doors but not brushes
LM defines its space with its beak -shaped scepter
LM travels still but always with an ascending parachute
LM has some special manners consisting in clustered larvae
LM has the ring modulation but does not abuse from it either
LM has for company these things hidden in the resurgent folds
LM emits very curious issues with his inside cracking voice
LM conducts impulses through the maze of the worst carnivorous fantasies
LM disguises its pretense in the form of stellar stuck twins
LM puts pressure between the plate and the organ of Corti of his enemies
LM winds through plasters that clog your maxillo-mandibular ivory
LM is the grain of sand of the meshed order and the antidote against all quackeries
LM is a laboratory from which escapes a virus that spreads from Valladolid to the bridge of
LM" [label info]