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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: NTOV V9LP / Cobraside Distribution Inc. 1179
Release Year: 2013
Note: Original Soundtrack to the film THE PRISONERS by DENIS VILLENEUVE - you haven't seen JOHANNSSON so sombre & captivating, quiet & sad.... desolate & beautiful neo-classic ambience at the same time!
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"Jhann Jhannsson's original score for Denis Villeneuve's film The Prisoners (the Hugh Jackman/Jake Gyllenhaal blockbuster) on double vinyl, with double sided full-color insert.

Associated Press: Even the moody music by Icelandic composer Johan Johannsson will make you shiver. Just try getting it out of your head as you leave the theater.

Filmmmusicmag: Prisoners is certainly one of the more interesting scores to appear since Johnny Greenwoods brilliantly bizarre There Will Be Blood, while doing far less if thats even possible a score that communicates riveting ideas with the most deceptively minimal of efforts Its art music that just happens to be a film score, and pretty much completely outside of the box in a cool Icelandic way." [label info]