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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Rune Grammofon RLP3028
Release Year: 2013
Note: first vinyl version of her debut-album from 2002 using almost entirely her own heavily processed voice as source-material, resulting in highly experimental & radical, often dramatic & absurd surrealistic electro-acoustic pieces.. "from the weird and furious to the enchanting and beautiful.."
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"The debut solo album from founder SPUNK member and composer Maja Ratkje has secured her a place among the finest experimental singers. From the weird and furious to the enchanting and beautiful, this is an album rich in atmosphere, colour and creative madness.

First released on CD in 2002 and now available on vinyl for the first time, this is a central release in our catalogue and has been a steady seller on CD. An essential item in any record collection of experimental music.

The first edition of 500 comes with the full album on CD." [label info]