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Format: LP & DVD
Label & Cat.Number: Hallow Ground HG1303 / Edition Gris EDGR#07
Release Year: 2013
Note: Original Film Soundtrack to CHIOREANUs surrealistic / mythologic animation-film feat. DAVID TIBET (CURRENT 93), ATTILA CSIHAR, MIRAI KAWASHIMA (SIGH), KIMMO HELEN (HEXVESSEL), plus the exhibition soundtrack "Where Purgatory Ends"; comes with DVD of the film & 4 page 12" inlay; lim. 300
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €20.00

More Info

"Hallow Ground and Edition Gris are proud to announce their collaboration with Romanian Artist Costin Chioreanu. OUTSIDE THE GREAT CIRCLE, WHERE PURGATORY ENDS is a spectacular multimedia approach on both spiritual and artistic levels. The project features musicians David Tibet (Current 93), Attila Csihar (sunn0))), Mayhem) alongside others.

OUTSIDE THE GREAT CIRCLE has been premiered at this years ROADBURN FESTIVAL and gained praises from audience and bands alike.

Read what the artist himself has to say about the movie and music:

Outside The Great Circle is my new film and also my first animation movie. For the first time in my career, I channeled my affinity with three separate mediums into a single work. Merging music, illustration and film, this movie invites the viewer to ignore traditional structures and genre restrictions and submit to the experience of the moment completely.

A work of visual art of this magnitude required equally massive music. For the soundtrack, which was composed by me on guitar, I enlisted the help of some formidable musicians: Attila Csihar and David Tibet on vocals, Mirai Kawashima (Sigh) on keyboards and synths, and Kimmo Helen (Hexvessel) on violin and effects.

All of the people gathered on this record were chosen for a very specific reason: no one else would do. Without even one of them, this soundtrack would be rendered an eyeless Mona Lisa, lacking a crucial element of enigmatic power. Attila has his unique dark voice and the ability to give the music a foundation of incredible depth, enhancing the spiritual side of music on frequencies usually left unused. David Tibet has his high timbre charismatic, apocalyptic, angelic with an irresistible aristocratic edge. Mirai Kawashima brings a startling darkness using instruments such as his keys and Rhodes, proving once again that an open-minded Japanese metalhead playing avant-garde black metal is something special! And last but by no means least, Kimmo Helen. This polyvalent musician from Finland brings his wildly creative and experimental violin skills and unique perspective. The soundtrack was mixed by me and mastered by Attila Csihar.

Side B of the LP features the original soundtrack of Chioreanu's first exhibition "Where Purgatory Ends". The exhibition has been showed in various places around the world. The music has been composed by Costin Chioreanu together with Rune "Blasphemer" Erikson (Aura Noir, ex-Mayhem)

"I have never reached the stars, nor did I ever exit the earths atmosphere. I have never been to the depths of the earth to see that its made of dirt or reigned by another world, I have never been thousands of meters deep to see if I can breathe, letting water invade my lungs. Almost everything I know, I have been told. Certainties, be they growing or not, are close to me, the one living under the cover of flesh and bone, the nameless, shape or serial number. I see all life as a tiny part of a long journey. This journey has nothing to do with form or state of matter, not even the borders that must be crossed, dont know if this is the way things are since nobody around me can confirm my theories or dismiss them. All I know is that this thought makes me what I am, and everyone around me is passionate, openly or not, about what is beyond death
or before life. Some have found the answers easier, I chose to look for them further.

Where purgatory ends is an ironical title since I have no idea how the end of the road looks like or if the road ever really ends. It is with this thought that I hope the people that come see my works or listen to my music will appreciate this artistic happening as a celebration of our journey in and towards becoming. " [label info]