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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Geometrik GR2130LP
Release Year: 2013
Note: ... still the most hypnotique, trance-inducing, energizing tribal industrial you can find - these grooves can make you addicted - so subtle & stimulating at the same time !! mastering by FRANCISCO LOPEZ, feat. TEHO TEARDO ! 700 numbered copies, three bonus-tracks that are not on the CD version
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"RELEASE DATE: 23 Sept. 2013.

Recorded in Madrid and Rome during 2013, this is the new album by the influential electronic duo ranked as industrial music pioneers. Ultraphoon is a leap ahead as for production and sound quality, with a stunning and brutal outcome, richly detailed nonetheless. Rhythms, noises and processed voices from different sources come together in hypnotic bordering on trance soundscapes along the lines of previous releases such as Pulsin (2009) and Desarrollos Geomtricos (2011). Most of the meticulous mastering process has been carried out by Francisco Lpez, internationally renowned as one of the top sound art and experimental music personalities, giving a new twist to the usual E.G. sound.

The double vinyl version master also sees the collaboration of Teho Teardo, the prestigious italian musician, composer and sound designer. The double vinyl is comprised of 13 tracks, 3 of them exclusive for this format." [label info]