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THEOLOGIAN - The Chasms of my Heart

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Crucial Blast CBR98
Release Year: 2012
Note: the following project of NAVICON TORTURE TECHN. (NTT) shows a real development => more structured, harmonic & matured industrialized drone compositions with ulterior vocals; still atmospheric & monumental, full of despaired emotions, hypnotizing pulses and harsh droning noises.. great comeback !
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"On Theologian's debut album for Crucial Blast The Further I Get From Your Star..., Leech established a new trajectory for his unique brand of pitch-black, rhythm-heavy industrial music that he'd previously explored with Navicon Torture Technologies. Under this new name, the power electronics and death industrial influences were merged into even darker, more majestic sounds, crafting something that was significantly more atmospheric than his work with NTT, while also reaching into new extremes of experience. On Theologian's latest, The Chasms Of My Heart, this sound is perfected, incorporating more melody and percussion into the long, oppressive dead-world ambience and pummeling electronic doomscapes, and it's one of the best albums that Leech has brought us.
Chasms opens with what may be Theologian's most stirring and evocative piece of music to date, a monumental end-time dirge titled "Abandon All Hope" that starts off as a swirling ocean of blackened synthesizer roar before morphing into the sound of pounding metallic percussion and skull-rattling bass frequencies. At first, it's the sort of pitch-black apocalyptic death-synth heaviness that Theologian has long claimed as its own, but when the layered vocals begin to pour in, soaked in distortion and climbing skyward in a gloriously miserable multi-part harmony above an eerie minor-key hook, this heaviness is transformed into something new. Like some kind of hellish fusion of industrialized shoegaze and thunderous power electronics, "Abandon All Hope" reveals a new side to Theologian's black-hole sound that is explored further throughout these eight tracks..." [label info]