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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Handmade Birds HB-DIS040
Release Year: 2012
Note: stunning collaboration by the now "almost famous" doomy sludge-droners from Chicago (now with STEVEN HESS!) and the legendary German ambient composer, who perfectly combine their skills for a mixture of mellow/spiritual cloud sounds and more bleak & grim black drones.. lim. 500 in total, gatefold-cover
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Locrian & Christoph Heemann, two of the most powerful forces in sound manipulation and experimental everything, (not in the pretentious sense, but in the honest to goodness there-will-be-textbooks-written-about-this pioneering of music), come together in what is one of the most landmark collections of musical composition ever put on record. A record created at a foreboding time, a time of record heat waves, severe storms, and flash droughts that have turned farms to dust in a matter of seasons. Upon writing this press release, recent news reports detail events such as the Petermann Glacier in the Arctic calving an ice island twice the size of Manhattan; the worst drought in over fifty years destroying American crops; and, in Japan, flooding so drastic that many areas have received a years worth of rain in a weekend. We live in uncertain, uncomfortable times. Still, for many, the symptoms of our age are as out-of-sight, out-of-mind as the Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex, a mass of floating plastic debris larger than Texas. This divinatory release harkens of worlds to come. More than an album, Locrian & Christoph Heemann have created a hymn of our civilization.
180 gram vinyl (250 black and 250 color-in-color: classic black in transparent ocean trash vortex microplastic blue) + 500 CDs in oversized folder and slim plastic sleeve." [label info]


"This seems like an unlikely meeting: why would these people work together? Christoph Heemann, a man of delicate drone music and fine tape manipulations, and a duo from America that I held down in my book as a fine noise band. But hold on, something else has changed. Locrian (Andre Foisy on electric and 12 strings acoustic guitars and Terence Hannum on vocals, organ, synth, piano) have grown into a trio now, with Steven Hess on drums and tapes. That too is a major surprise. But Locrian have worked with other people before, so it's perhaps not a big mystery that everybody thinks out of the box here. This is one of those things that have been through the use of internet, by exchanging sound files, and those excursions work best, I think, when it's impossible to hear that they were made like that. Once you think: I must look at the cover and see who did the mix, then you are right: it's hard to tell wether this was created through mail or not. It happened to me with this record. These four lengthy cuts, ten minutes at least for each song, are tight pieces of repressed noise music made within the context of rock music. Repressed, as this never bursts or screams out, but perhaps the whole notion of noise doesn't apply in this world, with this particular release. 'Edgeless City' for instance is a piece that is way more drone like than anything I heard from Locrian before, and while not exactly what Heemann does with In Camera or did with Mirror, it's easy to see the connection with him. While in 'Loathe The Light' it's easier to see the older works of Locrian at play and it has a more rock like structure/song like character. This is a pretty strong record, one that easily defies any easy genre, and as such genres don't seem to matter anymore. Noise, drone, ambient: who cares anyway? This collaboration is very well made, excellently produced and topped off in a great fold out sleeve." [FdW]