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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Die Stadt DS114 / Auf Abwegen aatp 41
Release Year: 2012
Note: re-issue of LP from 1989 (Discos Esplendor Geometrico), plus 4 previously unreleased bonus-tracks, lim. 600 (part 14 in the ongoing series of re-releasing all TIETCHENS vinyls 1980-1991)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

More Info

"Part 14th in the ongoing re-release series of all early Asmus Tietchens Vinyl albums between 1980-1991. 'Stupor Mundi' (Discos Esplendor Geometrico EGD 018) was originally released in 1990. This re-release comes with another poster booklet and feat. 4 Bonus tracks of unreleased material from the same period. Joint release with AUF ABWEGEN. 600 copies.

1. Pflegekammer extern 1'00"
2. Stimmen der Vernunft 3'08"
3. Konvoy 3'01"
4. Tollerort 2'53"
5. Fron 5'10"
6. Pflegekammer intern 1'00"
7. Schacht Hera 2'53"
8. Pflegekammer Mitte 1'00"
9. Aufs Maul 2'44"
10. Aufstand der Massen 3'31"
11. Xenophobie 2'48"
12. Mammi Money 3'38"
13. Pflegekammer West 1'00"
14. Heimholung 4'12"


15. Pleuel 3'29"
16. Krill-Schatten 1'12"
17. Heimstatt des Betons 3'20"
18. An alle 2'54"

Asmus Tietchens about the album:

The opener of the album cites: 'Gitarren spielen kann ich leider noch nicht...' ('Unfortunately I can't play any guitars yet...'). Today, 23 years later, I could reveal the name of the person confessing this, but nothing would be more unfair, even two and a half decades later.
Only this: It's not the voice of a Punk (a Punk would have omitted the 'yet'), and it's also not my own voice, even though I can't play guitar either. Maybe it was this flaw though that was responsible for the general
construction of all the tracks here, which consist of short looped samples and further adaptions of the same.
In the end 'Stupor Mundi' was my last LP on the label Esplendor Geometrico and also my last solo LP until 1995. The very next release of mine was already a CD. At lot changed at the time. Esplendor Geometrico wasn't doing
well financially, a fate, many more small enthusiastic Labels shared with them, as the real Independents were always in danger of facing financial ruin. As a result EG was looking for someone to co finance 'Stupor Mundi'. The person who helped out is a colleague of mine with a well known name
today, but only just started his first musical attempts back then at the end of the 80's. He asked not be mentioned in the credits of the album cover, but requested to have the schematic diagram of an insect placed in the lower right hand corner of the cover.
There's yet another, third name, I won't reveal. The final words on the LP are: 'My friends'. For piety reasons I won't explain the original context of the voice, nor reveal the identity of the woman, who speaks these words.
Besides, it's a damn long time ago anyway, and mystifications were no longer a part of my repertoire after 'Stupor Mundi'. [Asmus Tietchens 2012] " [label info]


Editorial notes:
Contrary to the original LP, where there were no breaks, the CD feat. a 7
seconds pause inbetween each track. The original tape with the intro (
Gitarren spielen kann ich leider noch nicht...') could not be located, so a
mint LP copy was used for the transfer. The order of the 4 'Pflegekammer'
tracks was changed for this CD.
Although the release date of the album was stated as 1989, and also listed
the same in my discography, the actual release date was May 1990. This was
due to numerous faulty test pressings which caused a delay of 6 months.
Hence the labels were not changed accordingly because they had already been