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DEAD VOICES ON AIR - Mawson's Will and other Short Stories

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ewers Tonkunst HHE 034 CD / Indiestate Distribution IST 087 CD
Release Year: 2012
Note: the most atmospheric & melancholically droning DVOA album so far, probably inspired by the novel MAWSON's WILL by LENNARD BICKEL, outstanding isolationistic, with some more obscure moment as well..
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More Info

"The album is named after a track that Spybey worked on with Robert Hampson of Loop and Main as part of the twentieth anniversary series of 7 inch singles, that has thus far featured collaborations with Simon Fisher-Turner, Edward Ka-spel and Robin Storey. Douglas Mawson was a famous polar explorer and this 12 minute collaboration with Robert became a focal point for this album. The tracks could perhaps be described as musical narratives, each named after a place or an event or a person that has attracted Spybeys attention. Some are more obvious than others, Kursk, for example being about the Russian submarine disaster. But, ironically, in the world of Dead Voices on Air, concepts limit creativity. The studio is a place of invention, with the starting point being the creation of a sound. Ideas are never written down. When Spybey works he becomes engrosssed in the act of making music and in editing it. The studio and everything within it is utilized in the act of creating music. Spybey does not try to create music that is descriptive or literal. For him, the gift of music is in the eye and ear of the listener. The more he makes music, the longer this impossible career progresses, the less he feels like talking about music. He simply makes music. All of the time. The album also features a cameo appearance by Robin Storey and by Utah keyboard player Lori Cole, who has contributed several pieces that Spybey has reworked in the past year." [label info]