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NIEDOWIERZANIE / STAUB - Influences Errantes - A Metampsychotic Seance

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Reue um Reue RUR029
Release Year: 2012
Note: split tape by the French NIEDOWIERZANIE (4-tracks) creating mysterious & beautiful Cello-based dronescapes, and a great 25min. other-dimensional transcension drone one-tracker by the so far unknown STAUB on the B-side... very recommended for spheric drone lovers ! Lim. 80 copies, C-50
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"When a person dies they leave behind not only the physical shell but also the most inferior elements of their unconscious. After their disintegration those elements will drift aimlessly and sometimes come into contact with the sensible domain by the intermediary of a living organism that of a medium, for example. RuR invites you to a musical sance with guest mediums NIEDOWIERZANIE and STAUB, conjuring up and banning on tape some of the sinister traces of the dead lurking all around us. Departing from the Mediterranea of the latest album, NIEDOWIERZANIE appears here at its very darkest, delivering three pieces of nerve-racking spectral ambient, opening doors that should have remained locked forever. On side B, British one-woman chthonic drone project STAUB starts with eerie yet luminous and almost angelic soundscapes, which insidiously ensnare your mind and turn into a nightmarish medusian labyrinth of seething shadows. Ectoplasmic ambient at its best!" [label info]