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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Semperflorens sf06
Release Year: 2011
Note: experimental field recording collaboration using sounds from the bay areas near New York City and Buenos Aires - "concrete sounds used as material to build new experiences on the listener's conscience' - lim. 500 DVD box
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"On December of 2009 Juan Jos Calarco and David Velez captured sound from bays near the cities of Buenos Aires and NYC respectively. They exchanged files for over two years until mid 2011 when the piece was finalized. The artists wanted to explore the opposite weather conditions as an element of difference and the site where they will record (bays) as an element of concurrence to support their site recording work. On the compositional process the artists make gestural and intuitive use of those recordings based on mere formal and aesthetic considerations: Concrete sounds used as material to build new experiences on the listener's conscience where the perception of space and time is altered and distorted under artistic acoustic means.

Active since the early 2000, Juan Jose Calarco is a musician and sound artist who works with materials from urban and natural environments. Ranging from the documentation of harbours to water canals to detailed sound topographies of several cities at night, his interest focuses in the narrative and emotional content of the sound matter. His works have been published in several labels as And/Oar, Unfathomless, Con-v, Siridisc, Mystery Sea, Mandorla, Test Tube, Frgida, Sijis or Koyuki and has collaborated with James McDougall, Manrico Montero, David Wells, H Stewart, Ubeboet, Pablo Reche and Nicholas Szczepanik.

David Velez is a sound artists currently living in his hometown Bogot where he is taking a Masters on Fine and Visual Arts. His work deals with the perceptual aspects of time and space and addresses them through textural work as the main formal consideration. His method consists of making use of Field recordings as sound matter that he will instrument through gestural composition and improvisation. David Velez is interested in the relation between the reduced and the casual hearing and the possibilities when involving them into the perceptual acoustic experience. He founded and works for the label Impulsive Habitat and the blog The Field Reporter and he is constantly publishing his works on digital and physical media and performing at concerts at Universities and small venues." [label info]